A Solstice Night

(Tune: It came upon a Midnight clear)

He came upon the Solstice night,
The stag-horned God of Old,
From Mother's womb within the Earth,
To bring warmth from the cold.

Return to us, we invoke Thee,
Our Sun-born God of old.
The world in wintry darkness lay
Awaiting his touch of Gold.

From Mother's womb He was reborn
He antlers shine as the sun,
We welcome Him on this Solstice morn,
Our ancient Horned One.

Deep from the Underworld He comes.
Where as Lord of Death He did rule.
With dual aspects of dark and light,
He's now reborn at Yule.

Above the cold and wintry ground.
He shines with radiant glow.
And as the cosmic Wheel goes 'round.
We watch the Sun God grow.

Behold the days will grow stronger now,
Raise toasts and we'll be of good cheer.
New life will blossom again in Spring .
We're turning the Wheel of the Year.

Ye Pagan all of Mother Earth,
Join hands and we'll circle around.
To celebrate this Solicit night.
We'll raise a joyful sound.

Rejoice, the year has begun again.
The Sun blesses skies up above.
We share this season together
In peace and joy and love.

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