A Self-Exploration

Take this little quiz and find out if your reasons are the right reasons.

1. You want to be a witch because:
a. you want to learn more about yourself.
b. you want to become more in tune with yourself and Nature.
c. you want to turn your boss into a frog.
d. your best friend is doing it.

2. You believe witches to be:
a. keepers of magickal forces.
b. people who can change the future.
c. people who are content with themselves and the world around them.
d. people who dance naked and have orgies.

3. Witches are people who associate themselves with:
a. the devil.
b. a loving God and Goddess.
c. people of like ways and minds.
d. mystical, magickal creatures.

4. To be a witch you have to:
a. be willing to have sex with other people.
b. be willing to do blood sacrifices.
c. be willing to face your true inner self and not be afraid.
d. learn to trust yourself.

5. A witch always:
a. tries to abide by a positive code of morality.
b. owns a black cat.
c. flies on a broom during a full Moon.
d. knows the intent of her magick.

Were you honest with your answers? We hope so. After all, no one is looking — besides you!

Question 1. Answer a) is an okay answer, but b) is a better answer. Remember Wicca is an Earth-based religion, so it’s not just about you. It’s about you and Nature. You picked c)? Have you for gotten all about the Wiccan rede? Answer d) — it’s nice to do things with your friends; but if this is the only reason that you’re interested, if you are going to be a witch, Wicca has got to be your practice. That means commitment of your energies, time, effort, and yourself.

Question 2. Answers a) and b) — there might be some truth in these answers, but c) is the best answer. Witches are happy people because they live right and use their energy wisely. Did you choose answer d)? Only some covens practice ritual sky clad. And orgies? We don’t think so.

Question 3. Answer a) — witches do not believe in the devil. The devil is a christian concept that plays no part in Wicca; b) — yes, witches honor the loving God and Goddess; c) — you could say that a coven is made up of people of like ways and minds, but remember, many witches are solitary. And the point of the coven is to honor the God and Goddess; d) — what kind of mystical, magickal creatures?

Question 4. Answer a) — as has been stated in frequent pages, sex should never come into your training as a witch. While some covens may practice sky clad, that does not mean that the coven members are engaged in an orgy; b) — witches do not make sacrifices. Remember the Wiccan Rede? c) is actually the best answer here. Sure, d) is close, but think about it this way: You need to face your true inner self and not shy away from what you find therein order to trust yourself.

Question 5. Answer a) — correct! This is the most important feature of witchcraft; b) is not the best answer, but well, yes, lots of witches do own black cats, although they also live with white cats and dogs and parakeets and gerbils; c) is also not the best answer; d) is almost right, but a) is better. How come? You could know the intent of your magick, and that intent could be harm. That would not be okay.

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