A Journey into the Realms of Fairy

Beginning in Our Dreams

Many of us do not remember our dreams. When we wake up in the morning to begin our day, we have no recollection of the images our mind produces in its sleep. Yet science would tell us we dream every night. Where have our dreams gone?

From birth we were raised that our dreams have no importance. Do you remember Mother holding you as a child and saying: "Don't worry, dear, it was only a dream"? In this society that values measurable, scientific data, the importance of dreams has diminished to only random brain activity. We no longer remember because we no longer deem our dreams valuable.

As modern people, we have explored the vastness of our small planet. We have been to both poles, traveled across uncharted seas in search of exotic lands, and left our footprints upon the moon.

We have forgotten the worlds that lie under, beyond, and within our own. We have forgotten the Otherworld.

The Crossing

We are truly fortunate, for though Fairy Realms remain distant from our own world in this mundane time, there are times and places where the two worlds meet, where a traveler may wander into this Hidden Place. Between places are entrances into this Magickal Realm: between Earth and Sea, between Day and Night, between One Place and the Next.

This is why gateways and doorways are a prime ways into the Otherworld. Standing within a doorway, one is neither in one place or the next, neither outside nor indoors. It allows us a passageway into the in between world of Fairy.

The Challenge

The Land of Fairy takes on many guises. It is the Enchanted Forests. It is the Shadow World. It is reaches of Heaven and the depths of Hell. Never-never Land. The Dream World. It is the Land of the Gods and the places where fairies dance in timeless revelry.

To enter this magickal land, we must leave our own mundane and familiar one. There is always a Gate, a Doorway, a Threshold that must be crossed. We must leave our own comfortable reality and journey into another, unexplored reality. We must face our fears that we may never find a way to return, or that what is on the Otherside is something we very much dread.

To travel into Fairy is to travel into yourself.

And so each must stand in the frame of the Gate, knowing that there, in that place between a place, Darkness and Light, Love and Hate, Chaos and Order are One.

And so we shall see many things, learn many things, on our Journey to the Otherworld.

Many cultures and spiritualities have already created paths into the Realms of Mist. They have their own stories of their travels into this magickal land. These account will guide you in the Land Beyond All Lands.

A Seeker's Journey

In dreams I've seen a Golden Wood
That holds the Riddles of the World
And I've trod upon a Hidden Path
To which shadowed strangers often have
Lead me to its Gate.
Strange sights I saw while all alone
Like candle light encased in stone
And heard I laughs and music low
Which lead me to where I did not know
For I had wandered off the Path.
Then an unknown voice did Call to me
From the bowers of the shaded Trees
A stranger's voice, yet one I knew
And I ran through the grass and sleepy dew
Just to find that Voice.

— Amalthea of the Children of Twilight

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