A Four Leaf Clover

One leaf for fame,
One leaf for wealth,
And one leaf for a faithful lover,
And one leaf to bring glorious health,
Are all in a four-leaf clover!

There are many legends about this small plant. One is that Eve took a four-leaf clover with her when leaving the Garden of Eden. This would make it a very rare plant indeed, and very lucky.

However, long before the tale of Adam and Eve, the Druids of England believed the four-leaf clover to hold magical powers. They believed whoever found one would be able to see evil beings such as witches and devils, and therefore be able to avoid them.

According to other folklore, the clover may have appeared to be lucky since it resembled a cross, not a religious cross, but a Solar or Sun Cross. Primitive men used the Sun Cross as a crude system of direction. One straight line representing sunrise to sunset or East to West, with the other line representing North to South. The crossing of these two lines represented the Solar Cross. Later the lobes of the clover became known as North, South, East and West. Although the four-leaf clover is really a freak plant from the original three-leaf herb, it has been so in demand by superstitious people that a seed has been developed which sprouts more four-leaf clovers. Now you can grow a whole pot full of luck on your window sill, or even a whole garden of it!

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