A Fare-Thee-Well from Shadowpath Grove


  • 2 chalices, one with "spirits", one with a non-alcoholic beverage
  • 3 candles, one lit before you begin the other not lit (it will be a gift)

Announcement of Ritual

Purpose of Ritual

Tree Meditation

Opening of the Gates


  • Nature Spirits
  • Ancestors
  • Gods and Goddesses

Invocation to Danu and the Dagda

Person leaving sits in the center of a circle of grove members. (S/he may sit, lie down, etc as long as s/he's comfortable.

People in circle pass the candle that will be given to the person leaving, like a "talking stick", so that their feelings, thoughts, and energies go into the candle. Each person in circle may participate in the following, or pass:

Three rounds: as the candle is passed, each person addresses the following:

  1. A significant memory of (person leaving)
  2. A Thing I liked about (person leaving)
  3. A Thing I will miss about (person leaving)

The candle goes around the circle three entire times, and then is given to the person leaving.

Asking of blessings upon the chalices.

Chant: All (pass chalices during this)
"Walk with wisdom from this
hallowed place
Walk not in sorrow, our roots
shall e'er embrace
May Strength be your brother
And Honor be your friend
And Luck be your lover until
we meet again."

Reversal of the Ritual:

  • Thanking of Danu and Dagda
  • Thanking Goddesses and Gods
  • Thanking Ancestors
  • Thanking Nature Spirits
  • Closing of the Gates
  • Reversal of Tree Meditation
  • Declaration of the End of the Ritual

Departures, whether temporary or permanent, can be painful things. We hope that this ritual reflects the emotional impact that intentional farewells have. As we strive to make definite beginnings in our grove, so do we honor endings and major changes. A conscious, acknowledged Rite of Passage can speed the healing and ease the transition, and makes the change easier to deal with than those having a lot of "loose ends" and words left unsaid.

A "talking stick" is a custom I learned from a Sioux teacher. It is a stick that may be highly decorated or not. It is large enough to enforce its purpose: its bearer speaks his/her heart until they willingly pass the stick on to the next person. They are to speak without interruption.

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