13 Steps to Inner Control
  1. I honor the energy of birch, for a new beginning. I am able to change myself as I will to do. So mote it be!
  2. I honor the energy of rowan for protection against evil enchantment. I will not hobble myself with the chains of past failures. So mote it be!
  3. I honor the energy of alder, for the protection of my inner oracle. I will listen to the voice of the Goddess Within. So mote it be!
  4. I honor the energy of willow, for the lunar rhythms within me as a woman. I will recognize and heed my own body's cycles. So mote it be!
  5. I honor the energy of ash, the magician's staff. I will recognize that "as above, so below," I play a part in the larger scheme of things. I will link my inner and outer worlds. So mote it be!
  6. I honor the energy of hawthorn for cleansing and restraint. I will choose what I place within my body, and empty myself of all that violates my personal well-being. So mote it be!
  7. I honor the energy of oak, the doorway to the mysteries. I will call upon the strength of the Horned One when I feel in need of protection. So mote it be!
  8. I honor the energy of holly, spear of the warrior. I will not remain passive and victimized, but will choose to fight for my own freedom. So mote it be!
  9. I honor the energy of hazel, the tree of wisdom. I will heed my own inner intuitions, and will be wise and informed in my choices. So mote it be!
  10. I honor the energy of vine, the tree of conviviality and celebration. I will love myself and will celebrate life, not seeing the choices I make as deprivations but gifts. So mote it be!
  11. I honor the energy of ivy, the spiral to center. I will do all that I do because of my own inner desires. I will listen to myself, and will remain balanced and centered while I do this work. So mote it be!
  12. I honor the energy of reed, the tool of the hunt. I will take direct action when necessary to protect myself, including the "killing" of old patterns, friendships and associations which harm me. So mote it be!
  13. I honor the energy of elder which sees the end from the beginning. Throughout many lifetimes I have been here. I have the knowledge that I have changed myself again and again. I will start from where I am now, and continue to persist in my path. I will succeed. So mote it be!

As you see, the pagan focus is not to surrender responsibility for oneself to a higher power, but to take responsibility and make choices appropriate to a Goddess. Feel free to change this as you wish.

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