10 Golden Rules
  1. Know what you are talking about: Nothing is sadder than talking to another witch or Wiccan whose only opinions come from misconceptions. If you call yourself pagan to shock others, you are just wasting the time of others. Learn all you can, because knowledge is your best weapon.
  2. Be honest if there is something you do not know: Most people have different areas of expertise and indeed experience, even somebody you consider to be stupid could know something you do not. You would do good to acknowledge this.
  3. Be consistent: Try to progress in a linear fashion with regards to learning about witchcraft, because jumping around from one subject to another will only confuse you and everybody else.
  4. Be willing to answer questions: Being a follower of one of the Pagan religions is bound to activate some alarm bells from people. If such situations arise which call upon you to answer questions in regards to your faith, then be prepared to answer them in a polite way to the best of your abilities. Doing this will only make others admire your honesty, and openness.
  5. Do not be offended by stupid questions: As in number 4, some people will have strange ideas about what they perceive Wicca, witchcraft and Paganism to be. Just remember that no questions are stupid, and be glad that there are people who are curious enough to ask. You can use this as a teaching experience, and at the same time you will be affirming the reasons why you are Pagan in the first place.
  6. Remember to have a sense of humor: This is good advice at any given time. Being able to take a joke, is sometimes a good way of opening up a conversation between yourself and others.
  7. Know something about Christianity and the bible: If you have this in your back pocket, you are better off than most, because you will be able to back up what you are rejecting by reciting a scripture or two. And like number 5 it will help you to understand the other perspective as well as your own.
  8. Be willing to politely stand up for yourself: You don't have to start a fight, to get others to understand you, But if somebody is purposefully being mean, there is nothing in the Rede that says you cannot tell them to knock it off.
  9. Be true to yourself: People will always respond better to you if you are yourself, most people can spot a falsie. Just remember that while you might be able to hide from others, you will never be able to hide from yourself.
  10. If you talk the talk, you will have to walk the walk: It does not help if you carry on about Mother Earth, and then litter all over her. It also will not help you to rant about religions intolerance, if you show no respect for other religions. Being a hypocrite is always ugly.
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